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This Florida girl got her first laugh on stage at 5 years old in the Little Miss Fort Myers Beauty Pageant, after an interviewer ask if she liked going to school she answered “Hell no, I rather stay home and watch cartoons”, when the audience exploded, she had found her calling. After completely crushing her Mother’s hopes for a future Miss America in one single moment, she went on to become a full time stand-up comic in 1997.

The road to the comedic stage was a bumpy one; sarcasm is an underappreciated trait in the educational system. Undeterred she grew up honing her comedic skills in detention hall and time out. The youngest and only girl in a large family gave her the opportunity to learn firsthand how to handle a heckler, even one that can give you a really mean Indian burn. This “tomboy in high heels” is now a proud single parent to a teenage son, whose twisted sense of humor he has inherited from his Mom. Her animated likeable personality and quick delivery style brings a relatable but unique voice to the stand-up stage.

She has performed in some of the best comedy clubs across the country becoming one of the most requested by clubs and audiences alike. This has led to being invited to the Boston Comedy Festival twice, once in 2006 and again in 2010. She was also invited to the 2007 Las Vegas Comedy Festival. In 2009 made her film debut in the independent film “Pose Down”.

Feature: Steve Miller

Tempered in fudge and fueled by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Steve Miller has been using his sense of humor to help him get free drinks in dive bars for years. After running out of hole in the wall bars to haunt he finally decided to take his act to the stage. Relying less on jokes and focusing more on a storytelling style Steve deals with topics ranging from his own health (poor) to the political climate (even worse). Steve’s background in improv and theater help him bring a level of comfort to the stage that belies his relatively short time in the world of stand up comedy. Steve digs on drinking beer, listening to punk rock records and someday wants to hop a train and ride across the country hobo style.

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