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Mike McCarthy is known throughout the industry as the Comedy Barbarian. His high-energy style of humor will leave the audience bouncing off the walls and gasping for air! He hits the stage like a titan and does not relent until the entire audience is under his spell laughing at things they never thought they would. Some comics make you laugh, but Mike McCarthy will make you laugh till you cry. Don’t miss this high energy, balls to the walls comedy experience..... JUST REMEMBER TO FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!!!!!!!

Feature: Candi Stripe

Candi works for the Sheriff's Department as a 911 Dispatcher/Operator. She loves making people laugh and hopes you say hi if you come see her perform. When she is not working or making people laugh you can find her at the beach. Born in Hershey, PA and her name is Candi Stripe so you can see comedy fits her well. The first time she performed was at Snappers Comedy Club!

This Show has passed.