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Basking in a COMEDY career that has seen many a waxing moon, Lou Angelwolf loves his job, his life, his place on EARTH, and it shows... his VOICE on the radio has been heard by millions, his live stand up performances span a dozen time zones and a widely scattered demographic... from beautiful theaters and concert halls to dirt lot one nighters and HOWLING off of the back of a flatbed truck, Angelwolf booked the GIGS and showed up with the FUNNY thousands of times ... from elegant country clubs to smoky coffee houses, Lou has played them all with the same mission: Make all those people LAUGH, absorb a little LOVE and change the AIR in those places, if for only a little while...

Feature: James Bailey

James is a second generation comedian originally from Madison, Wisconsin. He has performed at bars, clubs, and colleges all over the south. He's followed on Twitter by Taye Diggs. He's also the host of My Mom's Favorite Podcast.

This Show has passed.