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Landry is best recognized for his likeable hair, sprouting from charismatic follicles. He is a Canadian born interracial love child whose hybrid existence, when mixed with a little dysfunction, makes for a fantastic recipe of comedy goulash. He is the winner of both the Boston Comedy Festival and the World Series of Comedy but none of that matters so long as his mom thinks he's funny. With a smile that lights up a room and a personality to match, there is no telling what great things this young performer will achieve.

Feature: Juanita Lolita

Juanita Lolita’s comedy career began when a coworker signed her up for an open mic night. Within one year she was performing for over 7000 women at a church conference in Atlanta and since then has performed throughout the country. Juanita was runner-up in "Central Florida's Funniest Comedian", finalist for "Florida’s Funniest Person" Rooftop comedy and recently, a finalist in "Florida's Funniest Comedian" Tampa division. She has been featured on NBC, ABC and the Christian Television Network. Her Latin flair and hillbilly background have quickly become a crowd favorite. Juanita takes pride in the fact that she can make you laugh hysterically without profanity. Her comedy focuses on observations from everyday life that we can all relate to and she closes out each show with her much anticipated ‘list of things she doesn’t understand’.

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