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Get Tickets Headliner: Chris Gorges

Chris is originally from Boston, now lives in Florida and has been a staple on the Tampa comedy scene for over 15 years. His credits include directing the 2000 “Best of the Bay” Improv troupe “The Charming Hooligans” as well as an award winning Public Access show called "Mongo Like Candy". He is the host of the “The Double Special Show”, Winner of the “2014 Best Comedy Podcast” Talkie Award and has opened for the likes of Dave Chapelle, Pauly Shore and Bill Bellamy.

Feature: Tiffany Barbee

Tiffany Barbee is a sweet and quirky retired pageant kid turned national touring stand-up comedian, 5th degree black belt, Bible student, actress, model, and co-host of an award winning comedy podcast on iTunes called "The Double Special Show". Tiffany loves dinosaurs, Star Wars, and saying “true words” (gets away with it because she is cute).

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This Show has passed.