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Get Tickets Headliner: Bear Webb

Bear is a nationally known comedian who has worked with such greats as Louie Anderson, Tommy Davidson, and recently Rosie O'Donnell. If you are looking for a cross between Ron White and Sam Kinison....look no further. Reaching every type of audience in each and every way, Bear will have you rolling in the aisles. With a background in teaching, she will not only have you laughing, but you might just learn something too!! Some put yourself in a Time-Out and come out to share some laughs with Bear.

Feature: Mary Tischbein

Originally from New York, Mary Tischbein brings her city smarts, attitude and twisted view of life to the Sunshine State. Tales of growing up on Long Island in a big Catholic Family, adjusting to life in The South, learning how to fit in, yet standing out. She'll remind you of someone you know and like, maybe your cousin, a neighbor or that unfiltered gal at work. As Mary says: "Words have power. Mine make you laugh". Mary was also an on-air contributor on The News Remixed, as seen on FOX 35 TV in Orlando.

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This Show has passed.