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Tim Loulies

Known as one of the fastest rising comedians on the East Coast, Tim Loulies’s up-beat imposing style of comedy has entertained large and small audiences from all walks of life. Tim’s unapologetic observations, mis-directed jokes and imposing stage presence has been felt from coast to coast. Tim started his comedy career performing anywhere that would let him tell jokes. Sometimes in places most comics would never dream of performing. Whether Tim’s in a comedy club, a biker bar or even a nudist colony (that really happened), Tim always brings what it takes to make the audience laugh.
Tim is also founding member of the critically acclaimed and widely popular “Geek’s Night of Comedy Show” that has been touring through the Funny Bone Comedy Club chain.
When he’s not out touring you can often catch Tim performing at his home club, The Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA.