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Paul Venier

Paul Venier started in a well known band, ‘Stark Naked’ in the 70’s and had an album on RCA that climbed to number 6. Pretty impressive for a boy in his teens from Long Island, New York. They were one of the very first show groups to come along, using fire and extensive lighting, way before anyone else did. Stark Naked was the forerunner of groups like Kiss and Alice Cooper. They toured the country to sold out shows wherever they performed. Surprisingly enough, due to their sound most disc jockeys and fans alike thought they were from England. Well, being young and naive to the music business, while they were touring their then manager was stealing all the money they were sending back home and by the time they had returned the manager and all of the money was gone. A rude awakening for the young lads from Levittown, New York. Disheartened with the business, Paul quit the business for one year. This would be a major turning point for Paul. To hear him tell it, leaving show business for that period was the best thing that he had ever done. He had been performing since he was little and had always taken it for granted that that was what he did. Interestingly, the album has recently been re-released and can be found at Just go into their search and put in Stark Naked. The cover is a picture of a face sculpture. Very Strange indeed! My favorite song on the CD is ‘Wasted Time’, a great ballad. I think you can listen to the songs before buying it also just to see if you like it or not. Nice Feature!