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Brad Trackman

“I vividly remember as a child fantasizing about who or what I’d be when I grow up.

“It fluctuated like a schizophrenic meteorologist from Louisiana during hurricane season. One day a horse jockey, another day a lawyer. Retrospectively being a comic makes perfect sense. I’ve always been funny. Making people see and understand  my humor was something that’s always come natural to me. I got out of ass kickings, hooked up with ladies way out of my league and made friends easily because I could make people laugh. Truth be told, it’s really the only thing I’ve ever stuck with, and that’s stuck with me.

“My stand up is based on my real life experiences and observations. My career started and is still based out of NYC. You can see me regularly at Gotham Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy and Stand Up NY.

“I’ve made national television appearances on Comedy Central, CBS’s The Late Late Show, CBS’s Comics Unleashed, AXS tv’s Gotham Comedy Live,  MTV’s The Buried Life, CBS’s Star Search with Arsenio Hall, New Joke City with Robert Klein, NBC’s Later, NBC’s Friday Night and had my own commercial campaign on Spike tv. Internationally, I’ve made numerous national late night television appearances in Canada on The Mike Bullard Show and in Holland on Raymaan is Laat and The Comedy Factory.”