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Eddie Clark

Eddie’s humor is a blend of personal experiences and everyday life. Eddie’s stand up has made him a favorite on morning radio shows around the country and has opened opportunities for him to help raise money and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure.

Eddie has expanded his comedy to radio and can be heard Sunday’s from 7 to 9 am on FOX RACEDAY on the Foxsports radio network & Sirus.

When describing Eddie’s style of entertainment one can only come to this conclusion…. Its just Eddie being Eddie!

The Sandman

Women were crying their make-up off and people’s face and sides were aching from uncontrolled laughter as they watched The Sandman get volunteers from the audience on stage and made them do things they couldn’t believe!!! MAYBE YOU OR ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS WILL BE THE NEXT STAR OF THE SHOW!

From Nashville, TN to stages throughout the U.S.,The Sandman has been crowned the “Copperfield of Hypnotists”. Not only do the volunteers on stage become the stars of the show, but The Sandman is using the entire audience now as well. He’s got them singing and dancing too! Seems like everyone becomes part of the show! This sure ain’t your dull “Hot then Cold” hypnosis show. It’s definitely a hip, in your face, take it to the edge performance. Hilarious inbred’s from the neighboring state, people smoking illegal “giggle” weed, men realizing cherished body parts have disappeared, a special trailer park version of the ‘Springer’ show and much more combined with an astounding and spectacular show finale’ that leaves even the most skeptical witness in awe, THE SANDMAN is virtually unforgettable!

Mark Riccadonna

Mark Riccadonna is a professional comedian who is somewhat of specialist in reading audiences and making them feel comfortable. He has toured globally playing theatres and clubs as well as with the USO and Armed Forces Entertainment (which landed him his Travel Column “Dad Trippin” in Today’s Man Magazine). Over ten years of touring Mark found time to thrive as an on-air host for talk radio out of Atlantic City, performed in an Off Broadway hit “Happy in the Poor House”, did three films in three years; “The Devils Tree”, “The Days of Power” and “Game Night” (winner of Best Director at The International Film Festival). Mark worked as a voice-over actor, and directed the play “The Boom” for the NYC Dream Up Festival and Now is Directing in a pilot he co-wrote called “Radio Gods” with Paul Provenza, John Fugelsang, Rich Vos and Rick Overton. Because of his attitude, he is considered fun, lovable, and easy to work with, landed him shows on FOX, MTV, SPEED network, SPIKE TV, The CW, NBC and The Food Network and a contributing writer for “Weekend Update”. Mark is a gifted storyteller, with a charisma that makes you feel like you’ve known him forever, unique delivery, signature voice and likability; you will see why he is a favorite at clubs and theatres everywhere.

Eric DaSilva

Eric DaSilva is best known for headlining a sold out show at the BackStage Fillmore Theater in Miami Beach, performing in Comedy Central’s South Beach Comedy Festival, The Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, The Norfolk Comedy Festival, The Latin American Comedy Festival and his one hour comedy album, Adorably Offensive.

Born in Queens, NY and raised in Miami, FL, Eric began his comedy career while attending college in Miami. After winning several comedy competitions he moved to New York to continue his stand-up career. Eric quickly made appearances on Comedy Time Network, featured on Hulu, headlined the NYC Annual Brazilian Day Comedy Showcase and his first album can be heard on Pandora radio.