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Joe Delion 10/22 @ 07:30

Thursday October 22, 2015 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Headliner: Joe DeLion
As one of the Nation’s most inventive and original comedians for the last three decades, Joe DeLion has carved a niche as one of comedy’s most unusual performers. With humor rooted in reality, a delivery that borders on sheer madness, and material that is truly unique, Joe DeLion personifies the terminology, “one of a kind” There are more sides to DeLion than combinations to a Rubik’s cube.As a National Headliner, almost every state in the Union has seen Joe DeLion roar through towns, leaving a wake of frozen grins and aching ribs!

Feature: Mary Tischbein
Mary looks innocent enough. She might even remind you of someone you know, like your cousin or that gal from work, if that gal has an incredibly twisted view of life. Mary grew up in New York, in a big Catholic family. Life was full of good things: food, movies and music, all served with a side of guilt.
When Mary performs at your venue, the audience is going to be very pleasantly surprised. They will meet a likeable, easily relatable, warm character on your stage. There is going to be laughter, it’s guaranteed.

Material includes (but not limited to): Tales of growing up in New York, adjusting to a life-changing move to Florida and care-giving. Mary is excellent at bantering with the crowd and has extensive hosting experience. The material range is Family Clean through Adult, depending upon your requirements.

One of the fastest rising comedians in Florida, Mary can be seen performing anywhere, be it a comedy club, festival, charity fundraiser or even a city park in the middle of the workday.

Find Mary Tischbein video here: