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Doug Canney 03/24 @ 07:30

Thursday March 24, 2016 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Headliner: Doug Canney
Former 80’s touring musician and current National headliner, Doug has been entertaining with his Music and Comedy since his early teens. Doug’s first stand-up performances were impromptu, off the cuff sets when all hell would break loose during a band show, “the first time I did 15 minutes of stand-up was when our drummer had an asthma attack at the end of the song ‘Hot For Teacher’. I knew right then, I loved making people laugh and we probably needed a new drummer”.

Living in his car for awhile, doing over 300 shows a year and setting his personal record of 9500 miles in 21 days, he’s the epitome of the old school “Road-Dog” Comedian. He’s been called the “human energy drink” and his spastic performances reflect this well deserved moniker. Doug has always been a guitar player and was a professional musician for over 25 years, but is NOT a music comic, “I play guitar in my show sometimes because it’s fun again”. Every time he’s asked why he doesn’t play guitar his whole set, he always has the same answer, “I think that would suck”.

Ever so eloquent, Doug is a born and bred Southern boy from North Carolina. Having relatives in New England, his accent is all over the place but the “red-neck” sneaks out during his Stand-up shows. He has worked with Comics from every channel that’s EVER been on a television! He has also appeared, as an extra, in many Television shows, performed stand-up on NBC and also seen on HBO and the WB. Doug appeared as an Gay Indian Gangster in the Indie movie “Me and My Bud” by Steven Houser and was a feature actor in the multi-award winning short film Lonely Ben.